Customer Media

If you have some footage of your car with our parts on it we would love to see! We are just starting this section so check back for more of our favorite cars from all over the world. Here are a few from our friends running TMOD shifters. 


This is  Jacob's, @jay_fabs, first run with our 20% ISO Shifter Kit in his ZR1. This is actually his first time using it at all. We got it delivered just in time for Shift Sector and he installed it in the pits before this run. 

Our boys at LS FEST Las Vegas




Nate at Willow Springs @nayt83


and California Speedway 

 Justin at Shift Sector, this 17 second half mile is the slowest pass he's made in a while. @justinpreston32


Rod @allmotorC6 here in one of the quickest manual Corvettes in the world.

ISO Shifter Installed in a couple C6's