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Shifter & Box FAQ

Upgraded Factory Box Options for ISO Shifter Kit

Buy Now with Core Charge

If you can not send your box in to be upgraded it's no problem. We do not always have upgraded factory boxes in stock but if we do they will be available to order. Your order will include a core charge of $100.00 that will be refunded when you send your old box back in, after you swap them out. Core charges will be forfeited after 30 days, please return your old box at you earliest convenience. If we do not have boxes in stock your other options include sending your box in to be upgraded or going with the Billet Box. All three of these options offer the same performance, convenience is the only difference.

ISO Shifter Kit (Core Charge) - ISO Shifter Kit for Corvette
Upgraded Factory Shifter Box C5 C6 C7 Z06  Corvette
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Send In your Box

Sending in your box to be upgraded is the most cost effective way to upgrade. Simply select the ISO Shifter Kit listing to the right that says (Send-In) to order. After you complete checkout simply send in your box and we will have it upgraded and back in the mail via two day shipping with your shifter and anything else your ordered within five days of receiving it. We will email you the tracking number as soon as your parts are finished and headed back to you.

If we do not receive your box within 14 days we will refund your payment.

ISO Shifter Kit (Send-In)- ISO Shifter Kit for Corvette
20% Reduction ISO Shifter Kit with Delrin Torque Tube Bushings  for C5 C6 C7 Corvette TMODCUSTOMS
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